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Welcome To Saltybridge|

A whole decade of experience in creating and designing sites, apps, and games. We are dedicated to your needs always striving for the perfect solutions and will be at your service with many ideas and tips.


Why Choose Us?

Our goal is client satisfaction and we often like to say that a good product is the mirror of the company. So if you let us take care of your idea, you can be sure that it is in the right hands.

We are here to help make your dream a reality. And, if you need our imagination, rest assured that you will get the most vivid creativity there is!

Everyone deserves to be visible in the digital world! We are excited to help you succeed.


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Meet Our Team

We have been building our dream team for years... And we are still striving for its perfection!

Aleksandar Danilović

Chief Software Architect

Ten years of experience in the IT industry. He rose from Junior Flash Developer to Chief Software Architect with knowledge in languages such as JavaScript, Java, Ruby, ActionScript 2/3, C#, TypeScript, PHP, C/C++, SQL, Python, frameworks React, Redux, Knockout, Angular, Vue.js, Require.js, WordPress, Backbone, JQuery, Node.js, JavaEE, RoR, Jersey, Spring, Hibernate,  and many more. He leads the team with ferocity and precision, delivering every project on time.

Nataša Radlovački

Software Architect

Four years of experience in the IT industry. From Junior Full Stack Developer she rose to Software Engineer with knowledge in languages such as JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, SQL, and frameworks React, Knockout, Angular, Require.js, WordPress, Backbone, JQuery, Node.js, JavaEESpring, Hibernate, and many more… Medior with enviable knowledge and a vision for creative and successful projects.

Vladimir Logos

Marketing Specialist

Eight years of experience in Social Networking, including FBInstagram, Twitter and more. His creative approach gives the final touch to our projects and he is always there for our clients to arrange details. Vladimir’s core values are: ‘none shall be hungry or homeless’ and ‘science for a good purpose.’

Marija Raković

QA Manual Tester

A newborn star in the IT industry. Her strongest point is in languages of SQL, test apps on browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari and devices such as BlackBerry, Galaxy Note/S, LG Optimus, iPhone/IPad, Nexus, Nokia, Pixel and many others. She is a hard-working and dedicated person with an eye for detail and a feeling for uncovering bugs.

Sandra Radlovački

Account Executive

Three years of experience in business administration, advertising, and marketing. Creativity, organization and strong interpersonal leadership are just some of her qualities. She is also analytical, client-related, dedicated to client needs, rich in speaking skills… She is the first in line to hear your wishes and organize the team to fulfill them.

Nikola Đurić

Software Engineer

A newborn star in the IT industry. Knowledgeable in languages such as JavaScript, SQL and frameworks .NET, .NET Core, Entity, VueJS, jQuery and many more. He is a person with a good work ethic and an inexhaustible pursuit of new knowledge and challenges.

Got a project or an idea!

It is the winning one! If so, you can be part of it if you like? We will be honored to hear a word from you.